Is there anything I should do before my dental appointment?

There are a few things that you should do before your dental appointment to ensure that we are most effective when treating you. Please keep us informed about:
•Whether your teeth or gums are more sensitive to heat, cold or sweets
•Any changes in your gums, such as changes in color, tenderness or bleeding when you brush or floss
•Whether your floss catches on rough edges of teeth that causes the floss to tear
•Any changes in the skin on the inside of your mouth, such as changes in color
•If you clench or grind your teeth, or if your neck and jaw muscles are tense or sore
•Inform us of any allergies you have
•If you are pregnant
•Any medicine you are taking
•If your medicine has changed since your last check-up
•Any health problems or medical condition that you are being treated for
•Any other changes in your general health