Pledge To “Think About Your Drink”

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TIME TO THINK ABOUT YOUR DRINK! Many of us know the harmful effects of sugary and acidic drinks on our teeth. When we drink sweet beverages, sugars in the drink combine with bacteria in our mouths to produce acids that wear away our teeth. Even “diet” and “sugar-free” options contain their own acids that can weaken tooth enamel.

Making good drink choices can not only save your smile, but it can improve your overall health as well! Here are a few ways to protect your health:
Drink more water–not only does it not contain any sugar or acid, water also hydrates better than sugary drinks.
Drink soft-drinks in moderation, if at all.
Use a straw–this causes your teeth to be less exposed to the sugar and acid in drinks.
Don’t drink sugary drinks before bed–if you do, sugar and acid will remain on your teeth throughout the night.

We’ve noticed that our patients who make healthier drink choices have fewer cavities and healthier teeth. It takes time to get rid of any habit. Usually around 40 days. Commit yourself to water for 40 days and see the difference for yourself. Not just in your oral hygiene but your overall health as well.

Take The Pledge!

This month, we’re asking our patients to take the pledge to “Think About Your Drink”! Throughout the month, you can come into our office and pledge to make an effort to make healthier drink choices. By taking the challenge, you promise to make an effort to switch sugary and unhealthy drinks for water and by doing so, you are entered to win a prize at the end of the month.

We’ll be giving away a brand new Samsung Galaxy tab for one lucky winner. We will select one lucky winner from our raffle. The promotion will end on October 10th.

We’re Really Excited About This Promotion, Because it’s a chance for us and our patients to make a positive change in our lives.

It’s easy and everybody wins! Choosing to make healthier drink choices will protect your teeth and help maintain your beautiful smile. Even one less sugary drink per day can make a huge difference in improving your whole-body health.

Renowned dentists in Mississauga always advice to take preventive measures to protect dental health.

Good luck and Think About Your Drink!

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