Guarding Your Child Against Playground Tooth Injuries

Guarding Your Child Against Playground Tooth Injuries
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DID YOU KNOW that about 50 percent of kids experience some type of tooth injury during childhood? Most parents are prepared to treat minor cuts, scrapes and bruises, but it is also important to know how to prevent and treat tooth injuries. It is always good to take advice from a Pediatric dentist in Mississauga and take preventive measures than curative dental care.

As fun as it is, the playground happens to be a hotspot for injury. So, what can you do as a parent to help protect your child from experiencing a tooth injury on the playground? And, what do you do if your child does have an injured tooth?

Ways To Prevent Playground Tooth Injury
Scout Out The Facilities. Make sure there are no rusted, loose, or broken pieces of playground equipment as these frequently result in injury.
Age Appropriate Equipment. The equipment that your children are playing on should be age appropriate. Younger children climbing too high, jumping too far, running too quickly, etc. are the most likely to injure themselves.
Know The Weather Forecast. Rain, snow, and ice can make things slippery and, therefore, more risky.
Check Your Child’s Clothing. Loose clothing is often the cause of falls because it catches easily on things. Dress your child appropriately for the type of playground you will be going to.
Always Supervise. Not only can the equipment cause injury, but your child’s playmates can as well. Some children are rowdier than others and certain types of play may need to be stopped by adults before any injuries occur.
Mouthguards. These are a great option for protecting your child’s teeth during playtime or while participating in sporting events. Mouthguards can prevent chips, fractures, or knockouts of teeth, as well as protect the soft tissues of the mouth.

What To Do If There Is A Tooth Injury

Depending on the accidental incident an emergency dentist in Mississauga may be contacted. If a tooth is knocked out or chipped, please contact the dentist immediately. Chipped or lost teeth can result in infection if not treated properly. Depending on your child’s unique situation, we can best advise you in assuring a positive outcome for your child’s tooth.

Whether the tooth is lost or chipped, try to save the tooth or tooth fragment that has been chipped off and take it to your dentist.

We Care About Your Child’s Safety And Dental Health

Injuring or losing a tooth can be traumatic for some children. As your trusted dental practice, we want to help parents know how to prevent dental trauma and protect their children’s teeth from injury. Nevertheless, accidents do happen. When they do, we’ll be right here to provide the best and most effective care for your child!

Preventive care for kid’s dental health is always better than curative care. While growing up the denture of the children go through rapid changes. With advice from a Child dentist the dental health can be kept intact. At Dr Hassan’s dental clinic it is always our endeavor to provide excellent quality pediatric dental treatment to bring smiles to the faces of kids.

Thank you for being a part of our practice family!

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