4 ways to reduce discomfort after getting braces

4 ways to reduce discomfort after getting braces
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Dental braces help in getting wonderful set of teeth and a beautiful smile. However, some discomfort is expected after getting dental braces put on. Dentists typically recommend Tylenol, Motrin, or Advil to conquer the discomfort. You can take a couple of unconventional approaches without taking medicine to reduce your discomfort.

Massage Your Gums

Massaging your gums in small circles helps. You can use both hands at once and alternate the direction of the rotation. Massage your gums for about three or four minutes to ease the pain. Massaging your gums helps increase blood circulation and releases some of the stress felt from the restriction of the braces.

Avoid Using Straws

The pressure from sucking on a straw irritates your gums, especially when they are already sore from having braces put on. Do your best to pour fountain drinks or milkshakes into regular glasses. You are also not used to having braces on and are more likely to cut the inside of your lips from applying too much pressure. If you are a wearer of adult braces and smoke, reduce or refrain from smoking until your mouth is less sore.

Eat Soft Foods

Soft foods do not put as much pressure on your mouth. Attempting to eat pretzels or steak might be too much for a few days. Stick to soft foods like scrambled eggs, pudding, mashed potatoes, soups, and noodles. You can also overcook vegetables so that they are softer to chew while still providing you with good nutrition.

Use Hot Compresses

Hot compresses are great for alleviating pain and discomfort. It will feel good on your mouth to have heat radiating in from the outside. Avoid drinking anything cold for at least 30 minutes after taking the hot compress off because it can shock your gums, causing them to contract. This brings your discomfort right back.

Closing Tips

Your dentist will give you aftercare instructions and tell you how to keep your mouth clean with braces. It is important to follow all of these instructions because you can get a bacterial infection if your mouth is not cleaned properly, due to painful bacteria building up in the open portions of the braces and around the edges of each bracket. Use mouthwash for two minutes after every meal to help prevent bacteria build-up.

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