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Emergency Dentist Mississauga

Looking for an emergency dentist in Mississauga ? Dr Hassan El Awour’s Office at the Central parkway mall in Mississauga could be the nearest dental Office to you quickly intervene with the dental emergency and bring back things to normalcy. Often dental emergencies result in severe pain. If not treated quickly it can result in functional loss of the oral cavity. We shall discuss about various dental emergencies and what you can do in such situation.

Traumatic dental emergency

Due to any road traffic accident , extreme sports or an unexpected fall , dental trauma can result. Due to dental trauma , tooth can be broken , jaw bones may fracture and this also may result in a lot of blood loss. In such situations one should quickly get in touch with the dentist and take quick action in order to prevent further damage to the oral cavity.

Severe toothache 

Due to chronic periodontal diseases , sometimes severe toothache may result. Excruciating tooth pain can give sleepless nights. If you or your near and dear ones have any such severe toothache , just give us  a call. Ignoring such pain can create further complications. Our staff will quickly fix and appointment with the dentist and make sure that the treatment is done as soon as possible.

Knocked out tooth 

If an adult tooth is knocked out, it can be re implanted. You should quickly reach out to the dentist with the knocked out teeth and depending on the condition quick remedial action can be taken.

Other associated dental issues and dilemma 

If you face any other dental issues or dilemma such as loss of dental filling , loose dental crown or dental bridge , cold sore or canker sore, then please feel free to give us a call. We will schedule an appointment with the dentist and make sure right action is taken.