Invisalign and dental braces

Invisalign braces Mississauga 

Various kinds of teeth straightening options are available at Dr Hassan’s Dental Office in Mississauga. Every case gets a personalized care from the dental practitioners team.

Get that Perfect Smile with Our Help

With solutions from our friendly and experienced orthodontist, getting that perfect smile is even more possible. Dr. Hassan Dental offers high-quality care to restore your confidence and help you make lasting impressions with a beautiful smile.

Personal Approach to Treatment

At Dr. Hassan (formerly radiant dental) Dental, we always ensure patient satisfaction. Our practice works with your best interests in mind to help achieve the smile you want. Our orthodontist takes the time in developing treatment plans that best suit your condition. We also discuss available dental options to help you be well-informed about your treatment.

Commitment to Quality Care

Our practice always strives to stay updated with the latest dental technology. We go the extra mile to provide advanced solutions for preserving the beauty of your smile. All our staff are highly trained and professional, so you can expect only the best once you enter our dental office.

A Wide Range of Dental Solutions

Our orthodontist is well-versed in a range of dental treatments to keep your teeth perfect and straight. Our orthodontic services include:

  • Invisalign
  • Regular braces
  • Ceramic braces

We also offer complementary procedures such as tooth extraction, reshaping, and whitening to provide better results for your smile. Set an appointment with our orthodontist at our Brampton and Barrie offices, and see for yourself how we can turn your smile into an impressive asset.