Damaged Tooth ? what is the best way to repair ?

Repairing a damaged tooth is important for maintaining a show-stopping smile, as well as for the health and functioning of all your teeth. If you fail to repair a tooth, you may lose that tooth and the chances of losing another tooth increases. The best way to repair a badly damaged tooth is a dental crown, which acts as a protective cap for what remains after the damaged enamel is removed. Dr Hassan uses advanced dentistry techniques to provide the best results from dental procedures.

Replacing One Tooth With A Crown

Dr. Hassan encourages patients to get a dental crown when they wish to repair a decayed or cracked tooth because it provides a durable replacement that completely caps the damaged tooth. A dental crown can solve a failed restoration, cover a severely decayed tooth, and cover tooth cracks that leave the tooth susceptible for future breakage by replacing the outer tooth, or the part of the tooth that is seen. A crown resists future tooth decay, however it does leave the tooth root vulnerable, so care should be taken to make sure gingivitis and gum disease do not set in and expose roots to bacteria. Dr. Hassan will replace the damaged enamel with a custom-made crown that matches the rest of your smile, leaving no evidence of restorative work. You will however notice drastic improvements in the function and appearance of your smile.

What Is A Crown? 

A single dental crown is created from either metal, porcelain, or porcelain fused to metal (PFM). A porcelain crown can easily be matched to the shade of your natural teeth to ensure a more integrative restoration and beautiful results. No matter which material you choose to have your crown created from, they’re easy to care for. Dr. Hassan instructs patients to continue proper brushing and flossing habits to extend the durability of their tooth replacement, as well as to maintain a radiant smile that will fill you with confidence.

With a dental crown, you’ll have a sturdy replacement for the lost enamel structure of your tooth. You won’t experience any limitations during eating, such as having to stop eating hard foods. Permanent crowns are uniquely created to fit your mouth comfortably and provide you with a natural-looking restoration. After having a crown placed, you will have the freedom to use your teeth to their full ability, without limitations.

Dental Crown Procedure

Deciding to restore a decayed tooth is an important decision. Once you feel completely comfortable with your decision, you can expect a permanent, durable crown in two dental visits. At the first visit, Dr. Hassan will prepare the tooth by removing all the damaged enamel. If he finds that the pulp chamber has been penetrated, he may also need to apply root canal therapy. He will then take an impression of the tooth. The impression will be sent to the dental laboratory to aid in the creation of your custom-made crown.

During the first visit, Dr. Hassan will also prep the area for the permanent crown. He will clean the area and remove any damaged enamel. This part is different for each patient, so the extent of the preparation varies. After prepping the space, Dr. Hassan will place a temporary crown to provide your mouth with some support while your permanent crown is being created for you. You’ll wear your temporary crown for roughly a week. This won’t provide you with as much durability as your permanent restoration will, but it will get you through the week.

When your permanent crown is received, our experienced dentists will permanently attach it to your underlying tooth. Just as the name suggests, this will provide you with a permanent tooth restoration. It will appear and feel natural in your mouth, once you’re used to the crown.

Restoring a badly decayed tooth reduces embarrassment and provides you with full function of your mouth.  Don’t wait to talk to Dr. Hassan about getting a dental crown. Schedule your appointment today in Mississauga. at our Central Parkway Mall Dental Office. Call 905-275-3368 .